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Our Company

Bridger Built, LLC is a trusted name in the construction industry.  Every project we work on is more than just a job—it’s a journey we embark on with our clients to turn visions into reality. With a reputation built on Bridger Built, LLC has become a leading general contractor in Montana, serving Bozeman, Ennis, and beyond.

How It Started

It all started in the summer of 2009 when Susan and Nick Ovens were in Montana for a friend’s wedding. Part of that trip was to put the finishing touches on their plan to start a construction company.


Within a few months they had incorporated and hired their first employee, pulling Susan’s recently retired father, Don, out of retirement. With more than 45 years of construction experience and a joke for every job site, Don was a great addition to Nick and Susan’s construction and management experience.

After deciding they would start their Southeast-based construction business while in Montana, there was always the ambition of expanding the business to the Northwest. Nick and Susan are no strangers to Montana. Susan is a graduate of Montana State University and was a member of the tennis team. Nick, who is originally from England, has relatives who moved to Butte, Montana in the late 19th and early 20th centuries working in various mines. His great-great grandfather was a sheriff in Butte.

After several years of looking for the right business, Bridger Glass and Windows was acquired. After immediately converting the name to Bridger Glassworks, the next 1.5 years was spent preparing to transition a window and glass company to a General Contractor, similar to their sister company in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bridger Built, LLC was launched, and after a year-long nationwide search, Susan and Nick recruited Justin Hallman to lead the company. Originating from South Carolina, Justin also had ties to Montana, having spent every year since 2010 making numerous trips to Ennis, Montana to fly fish. Not only did he also get married in Ennis, but married a born-and-bred Montanan, Ashly. Justin has 14 years of construction and building experience. More importantly Justin has the same length of experience in building team leadership, culture, and understanding the value we need to present to our team and our clients.

At Bridger Built, LLC, we strive to provide the best products, services and experience for our clients and team members. We love our community and continue to build within that. We are a proud Montana-based company, and we work hard every day to make sure we represent that title.

Our Services

Bridger Built, LLC offers a comprehensive range of construction services.

Residential Services

From ground-up new builds to interior and exterior renovations, our residential services are designed to create homes that stand the test of time.

Commercial Services

Whether it’s ground-up construction, renovations, tenant improvements, or additions, we bring commercial spaces to life, optimizing functionality and aesthetics.

Specialized Projects

Our expertise extends to specialized projects, including grey boxing and white boxing solutions, ensuring spaces are tailored to meet specific project requirements.

The Bridger Built Difference

  • Client Portal and Daily Updates: We believe in keeping our clients informed. Through our client portal and daily updates, you can track the progress of your project, no matter where you are.
  • Certified and Insured Teams: Your safety and satisfaction are paramount. Our teams, including subcontractors and demolition crews, are insured, licensed and certified.
  • Local Collaboration: Bridger Built, LLC is committed to supporting local businesses. We collaborate with regional suppliers and contractors to contribute to the growth of the communities we serve.
  • Giving Back: Beyond construction, we believe in giving back to the community via our time and money.

Bridger Built, LLC

At Bridger Built, LLC, we go beyond construction—we build dreams. Trust us to be your partner in shaping spaces that reflect your vision and stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Contact us today and let’s embark on a journey of transformation with Bridger Built.

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